Creative Commons Terms of Use

What is Creative Commons?
Creative Commons is a standardized way for individuals and companies to grant copyright permissions for their creative work. It provides clear guidelines on how a particular creative work can be used and attributed to the author.

Our Copyright Philosophy
Our copyright philosophy is to share our creative work free of charge for non-commercial use if we receive recognition for the work.

What Does That Mean Specifically?
From a legal perspective, we attribute (associate) some legal rights on how an image can be used when we publish an image online. Typically, the copyright is embedded in the image metadata and can be tracked along with the image. If it is not embedded, the author’s copyright to the image still exists. If you have any doubt, take guidance from the web site or contact the image creator directly. In our case at

Creative Commons 100px logo The particular Creative Commons legal standard we have selected is Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike for the files published on LocalColor.Travel, Malcolm Carlaw’s Flickr site, or Peggy Carlaw’s Flickr site.  You may have seen the attribution shorthand CC BY-NC-SA or Creative Commons icon Creative Commons 50X18 icon referring to this legal attribution. This particular license allows you, the end user, to download, adjust, tweak, and build upon images under the following conditions:

  • The image is for non-commercial use
  • You credit the image creators, for the image.  In our case either Malcolm Carlaw or Peggy Carlaw depending on the creator of the image
  • Provide a link back to the specific source of the image – either Local Color or our individual Flickr sites
  • If you re-license the image or a derivative of the image, it is re-licensed under the same (CC BY-NC-SA) license terms

Attribution Format
The general format for attribution is:
(Name of photo with underlying link) by (Name of creator with underlying link) is licensed under (Link to Creative Commons terms)

Example of what this would look like:
Colfax Mill by Malcolm Carlaw under CC BY-NC-SA 3.0.

Commercial or Special Request Conditions
If you wish to use an image for commercial purposes (commercial website, advertising, etc.) and want the use of a larger file with no copyright watermark, contact us at

Printing Images
If you wish to print an image for your own personal use, you may do so through Flickr using the services and files available. We ask that you write our names, as the creators of the image, on the back of the print and send us an email acknowledging your use of the image. While we like to share, we still have pride of authorship and like to know who is enjoying our work.

If you would like a high quality print, please contact us at We have standard rates for images.

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